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A few decades of digital marketing and branding experience should produce a better solution.

There are plenty of web design and digital marketing companies out there – but still just as many confused consumers. 

We want to simplify complex digital questions and quiet down the noise by using proven, tested, and robust website solutions.

We launched Sparrow to do things differently.

Doing things differently means a  live-in-five-days launch option. It means four-day work weeks. Doing things differently means simple pricing with no fine print or surprises.  It means answering your questions with research rather than hunches. It means designing with your customers in mind rather than our own opinions.

It means listening first.

It means that the data and research drives the creative – and not merely doing “beautiful things” that have no relevance or measurable impact.

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Why The Name 'Sparrow'?

When we decided to step away from the world of big digital agencies to begin a company focused on helping other small businesses, a verse from The Bible came to mind about how God provides for the sparrows.

So, we figured calling ourselves ‘sparrow’ was a smart move.

Like a sparrow, we are able to work fast and effectively due to our extensive background in digital strategy and creative branding, and with our streamlined processes we are able to design and build a launch kit in 5 days – or launch a website through our 4-step process in less than 60 days.

Meet the owner

Well, we started in 2016 with three of us (ever wonder what that 3 was in the logo?) and without the strength of our team, we would never have made it. We had the ying of strategy and the yang of creative.

Adam (a.k.a. ‘Captain Strategy’) spent 10+ years eating analytics for breakfast, chewing on conversion strategy, and developing online audiences for dessert.

Justin (a.k.a. ‘The Idea Guy’) spent 10+ years designing websites, logos, coming up with business names, domains, and taglines. Some for fun, and some for real.

Joe (a.k.a ‘The Butcher’) left his days of carving meat behind to became a professional videographer and web wizard to bring his own rare style of talent to the team.

The result? Small businesses can enjoy affordable creative and strategic website solutions.

In 2020, Adam dove deep into digital strategy and marketing support and launched BootStrap Local. Joe decided to stretch his creative legs and pursue his new opportunities with drone and video – so Justin excitedly took the reigns and focuses on helping entrepreneurs and small businesses launch!

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Meet Justin

Justin is the owner and lead creative at Sparrow. 

He’ll be the first to tell you that all he has needed to know, he learned from people smarter, better, and further ahead in life than himself. He has a passion to help small businesses and entrepreneurs when the odds are stacked against them – because he knows impossible odds, too.

"half the price and 2x more effective."

That was our goal from day one.

Expensive doesn’t always mean it’s worth it. Slow doesn’t always mean better. So our goal in all we do is to be excellent and produce a more effective solution for our clients – whether you are a startup, a dreamer, a time-tested-veteran, or somewhere in between.

We believe that the right systems and processes should be able to keep prices affordable, timelines short and manageable, and that the value and return should be easily seen over time.

Starting at $50 to setup – wait till you read about this:

Launch Kits

Don’t need a full website yet? Or, need someone to do the heavy lifting so you can do the fun stuff? Get a launch kit website with all the power of a full site (blog, forms, service pages and more!), custom domain, and 10 Week Digital Marketing Boot Camp!