How to Ask for a Link Without Being Awkward

Everyone hates getting cold calls from companies or junk emails (or is it just me?)… they just feel spammy and irrelevant.  So this post may get certain hearts palpitating uncomfortably, but I’ll tell you why it’s necessary for growing your business and it’s not as controversial as it might sound. First, what is “link-building outreach”?  […]

Email Marketing 101: Where to Start

The question we’re answering today is whether email marketing is still relevant. We live in a time when people are talking about social media advertising, marketing automation, and Artificial Intelligence chat boxes… but email marketing is still one of the most effective things you can do to grow your business and support your customers.  In […]

Sparrow’s Top TEN Tools for Growing Traffic to your Website

Jumping right into it: these are Sparrow Websites’ favorite tools that we use to grow traffic onto our website… and they’re FREE! 1. If you’re a new company, you probably don’t have money in your budget to hire a graphic designer; but with Canva, you can begin designing things yourself.  All you have […]

What are Lead Magnets?

In joining the Sparrow family, we want to give you helpful information you can use in the growth and success of your own business.  The term ‘lead magnet’ is an industry term that is something useful and adds value beyond your typical content that you can offer to your audience in exchange for a deeper […]

Set up your Google My Business Profile: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

One of the most powerful ways to keep your brand in front of people, and easily found on a Google search results page (SERP), is to claim and optimize your Google My Business profile. This enables you to control your hours, reviews, images, posts, and communicate direct calls to action for your audience! Best part? […]

PA 30 Day Fund introduces forgivable loans

The nonprofit Pennsylvania 30 Day Fund was the brainchild of Jeff Bartos, Richard Phillips and Roger Braunfeld which allows businesses that employ three to 30 people who are based in PA to apply for a forgivable loan. You read that right: they do not need to be repaid! Because small businesses are the lifeblood of […]

Tips for creating video content at home

You can create great video content! Joe lays out some practical tips on how to make great video content at home. Given the current situation where many of us find ourselves at home, we still need to connect with our customers. You can do it with what you have in your own home – no […]

Small Business Loan Options

COVID-19 Support Small Business Loans and Financial Support during the COVID-19 Crisis Here at Sparrow Websites, we understand that the Coronavirus and COVID-19 is taking a major toll on the financial health of small businesses across the country. As companies and businesses seek ways to stay afloat and reorganize goals and agendas, we wanted to […]

Free Website Updates During COVID-19 Crisis

As a small business, we know this current COVID-19 crisis is making it difficult – if not impossible – for some of you to keep your daily operations functioning. We want to help. Over the next 21 days, we will be waiving any development or design fees for our clients who are in need of […]

Google Suspends Reviews and Q&A for GMB

Google had a pretty significant news release on Friday and I just want to make sure you saw it. They are changing their Google My Business rules fairly substantially during the COVID-19 crisis. Reviews – First of all, there are no new reviews. While people can leave reviews on your business at this time, they […]