How I Create Content for my Pillar & Cluster Pages

As a person who has enjoyed writing since childhood and then pursued it as a career for several years in a content mill, I have a peculiar level of comfort in writing that not many possess.  It is my task and challenge (with joy, of course) to share with you some of my tips toward […]

Pillars and Clusters for Dummies

We’ve been talking for a while about the best way for Sparrow’s clients to order their websites and optimize them for higher search results with Google.  But, over the years, things have changed significantly.  Here is what we’ve learned lately. The way things were (raspy grandpa voice) “Back when I was just a whippersnapper….” Search […]

Install Google Analytics Tracking

We wanted to show you the simple way you can add visitor tracking from Google (free) onto your website to find out where visitors are coming from, what they do when they arrive, and how you can improve your website! Step 1: Setup your Analytics Account Prefer visual and written instructions? Just scroll down: Go […]

Benefits of Podcasts

WHY DO I NEED PODCASTS? It seems that podcasts have really boomed in popularity in the last year or so despite being around for at least a couple of decades.  Here is why podcasts are beneficial for small businesses. 1. They provide networking opportunities. In the past, the only way a brand new business could […]

Best Practices for Local SEO 2020

This week’s strategy session covers the most recent studies, as digested by Adam Grim, who eats this stuff for breakfast (Who needs Wheaties?). The studies regarding tracking 2020 trends on local search engine optimization (SEO) were recently released. We will be sharing highlights from what Adam gleaned from his research. Specifically, what things can you […]

Starting a Business during a Pandemic: <br>Bad timing… or the Best?

The year 2020: What will we remember? We have seen and experienced millions of people losing their jobs, being stuck at home for months, and trying to figure out how to live in this strange time. So many people getting laid off and trying to keep their children occupied inside their homes instead of going […]

How to Gather and Respond to Customer Reviews

In today’s strategy session, we’re giving away knowledge tips for collecting and dealing with customer reviews.  The first thing you need to understand is that any work you do on reviews is free… and has ‘forever value’.  It is never a waste of time to pursue gathering reviews because they never expire for the life […]

The Extraordinary Give Is Coming!

Nov. 20, 2020 It’s that festive time of year when people are thinking about giving, whether it’s family Thanksgiving or present-giving holidays.  But there are also some opportunities to consider the non-profits in your community that are gearing up for their fundraising season as well. Lancaster’s nationally recognized The Extraordinary Give is an event that […]

Custom Vs. Template Vs. The Sparrow Way

At Sparrow Websites, our goal is to inform all of our clients (and potential clients) about everything they need to know about creating websites for their small business and all the available options.  We want you to be fully informed before making a decision about which route to go so that your business doesn’t suffer […]

Justin on Winning at Business and Life with Pete Alexander

Professor Pete has figured out how to keep short attention spans fed with helpful and engaging tips and insights: 6 questions with a 7-minute deadline. If you didn’t know Justin’s first job or wanted to know one of the greatest tips he has for other small business owners, then check out the video of their […]