The Extraordinary Give Is Coming!

Nov. 20, 2020 It’s that festive time of year when people are thinking about giving, whether it’s family Thanksgiving or present-giving holidays.  But there are also some opportunities to consider the non-profits in your community that are gearing up for their fundraising season as well. Lancaster’s nationally recognized The Extraordinary Give is an event that […]

Custom Vs. Template Vs. The Sparrow Way

At Sparrow Websites, our goal is to inform all of our clients (and potential clients) about everything they need to know about creating websites for their small business and all the available options.  We want you to be fully informed before making a decision about which route to go so that your business doesn’t suffer […]

Justin on Winning at Business and Life with Pete Alexander

Professor Pete has figured out how to keep short attention spans fed with helpful and engaging tips and insights: 6 questions with a 7-minute deadline. If you didn’t know Justin’s first job or wanted to know one of the greatest tips he has for other small business owners, then check out the video of their […]

Why Facebook?

As we’ve been learning about Marketing Strategy during our weekly strategy meetings, the first thing a business owner needs to do (found at the very top of our Marketing Funnel) is attract new people to their products or services.  This can be done in a variety of ways, as we’ve been exploring, like podcasts, blog […]

Justin on Grow Your Business with Saul Edmonds

Ever wonder if Justin would actually try out his Australian accent on a native Aussie? Well, this interview might be his lucky break or epic downfall – you’ll have to listen to see what happened. Along the way, when a graphic designer and website designer get down under to chat about life, websites, a customer […]

Justin Rule on The After Hours Entrepreneur with Mark Savant

Chatting with Mark Savant was like telling an eager new client all Sparrow’s secrets to making a website smart, fast, automated, and a conversion machine. Mark’s The After Hours Entrepreneur podcast is rated one of the Top 100 iTunes podcasts for entrepreneurs – and he gives practical and solid insights for those of you launching […]

How Launch Kits Help Small Businesses During COVID

Watch the WGAL Aug. 31st evening highlight featuring Justin at Sparrow Websites sharing how a local business was saved during COVID with the help of a Launch Kit: In this “Pandemic of 2020,” all of us here at Sparrow want to give some encouragement and show all you business owners that it is possible […]

How Launch Kits Work for Realtors

Sparrow Launch Kits will work for anyone serving in any industry, but real estate professionals have some unique perks to having their own website and we want to outline them here.  To illustrate the key points, we will cover how it will move when you move, the importance of designing your personal brand, customizing for […]

The 4 W’s of Content Marketing

WHY content marketing?   First, what is content marketing? It is creating content like videos and blog posts that show off your expertise and is interesting to your audience.  It is meant to convert strangers into customers for your business. Why should we use it? It is the most effective, free tool that will help your […]

Justin Rule on The Profit Protocol with Paul Conant

Websites & Automation: Exploring New Ways to Market Paul Conant gives you tactics and tips to create a strategic, systemized, and scaleable business by giving you practical steps from the Seven Pillars of a Successful Business on how to create relationships with your potential customers.  He questions Justin about his entrepreneurial background and how he […]