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We’ve already explored the reasons to search for a CRM service that would profit your company in the long term efforts toward growth.  There are


We’ve already discussed in another blog post what a CRM is and how that service would profit your company.  As there are many CRM platforms


It’s back by popular demand… and our commitment to YOU… because no one deserves an ugly website! Join us in this fun annual contest by

The Basics of CRM

What is a CRM and Why do I Need One? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  This is an online system of organization that covers

All About Google My Business

In many of Sparrow’s blog posts and strategy sessions, you’ve heard Google My Business mentioned and encouraged as part of growing your small business. But,

Free Website Building Platforms

If you’re starting a business, I know you have lots of moving parts to manage. One of the elements everyone is eager to begin is

Landing Pages 101

In Sparrow’s LaunchKits, we’ve created a basic template for you to design a Landing Page.  In order for you to make the best use of

Jedi Design Tricks

Make them see what you want them to see This is the first post in a new series about tips on designing your website like

Install Google Analytics Tracking

We wanted to show you the simple way you can add visitor tracking from Google (free) onto your website to find out where visitors are

Benefits of Podcasts

WHY DO I NEED PODCASTS? It seems that podcasts have really boomed in popularity in the last year or so despite being around for at

Best Practices for Local SEO 2020

This week’s strategy session covers the most recent studies, as digested by Adam Grim, who eats this stuff for breakfast (Who needs Wheaties?). The studies

The Extraordinary Give Is Coming!

Nov. 20, 2020 It’s that festive time of year when people are thinking about giving, whether it’s family Thanksgiving or present-giving holidays.  But there are