Files and Formats

Nitty Gritty.

Feel free to send this to your partner, spouse, design team, or marketing agency to give them the nuts and bolts on what we need in the process:

1 | Sparrow Websites

1st: Core Info

We will pick and pay for a domain from or use your previously purchased domain.

We will collect your official:
N - Name for the business
A - Address for the business
P - Phone Number
W - Website address for listings

We will also setup and pay for a email address to make you more official than

2 | Sparrow Websites

2nd: Styles

Fonts will be selected from any Google font from that work well with your logo. (We won't install any custom fonts from Adobe as it delays load times. Plus, most have a Google font equivalent that looks the same and loads super fast.)

Colors for main headlines, buttons, and accents will be selected from based on your logo or preferences - or send us your brand style guide. We prefer HEX CODES for the website.

Image sizes: If sending your own images, send us at least 1900px wide images (height at least 600px) Preferably, send us large MB files via from your computer or phone and let us do the web-friendly optimization and title-tags to the images. If you have images from (FREE) that you'd like us to use, just copy the URL of each image and paste in an email and we will download and optimize.

If the image is 600-1200px wide, we won't use it for banners or headers, but rather as photos within a page - so those are fine sizes too!

3 | Sparrow Websites

3rd: Words

You call it text.
Designers and developers call it 'content' or 'copy' - and we will send you a simple form asking what we need to know about your story, your services, and what guarantees you offer.

This will then be optimized by our team, checked for spelling, and we will add in catchy, brand-aligned headlines and calls-to-action (ex: Sign up for our email updates!) as needed when we place the text on the site.

If you hate to write, choose the Deluxe Plan and have our team interview you and write what we need.

In regards to SEO copy, when you launch a new site, it takes a while for Google to index and organically rank your site, so we suggest you launch using our approach, and add "SEO content" later as your budget allows you to afford a web content SEO writer.

Need a Logo?

$25-50 budget:

"Looka" is fast, quick, and cool!

$250-350 budget:

"99 designs" is amazing!

Need a CRM?

Hubspot is our fav!