Justin on The Real Estate Marketing Podcast

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5 Things Real Estate Professionals Should Fix On Their Website  In this episode, Justin reveals the five things real estate professionals should fix or update on their website for the best chance to reach customers. Those five things are: Explain your buying/selling “next steps” step-by-step. Will you text them right back? Call them? Have coffee […]

Free Stock Photo Sources

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Have you ever been working on something that you thought would be enhanced by a photo, so you searched Google and found something perfect… copy/paste… and, you’re done?  Come on.  You know you have.  So, I’ll be perfectly honest…. THAT’S WRONG!  Unfortunately, all those awesome pictures that other people have taken are not free for […]

Justin Rule on Falling Forward with Emilia Gardner

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Building Sites for Small Businesses by Sparrow Websites on August 18, 2020 An engaging conversation led by Emilia Gardner about the many start-ups and failures in Justin’s past, and seeing how it paved the way to starting Sparrow Websites. His goal in life, now exhibited in building websites for small businesses, is the opportunity to […]