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How Launch Kits Work for Realtors

Sparrow Launch Kits will work for anyone serving in any industry, but real estate professionals have some unique perks to having their own website and we want to outline them here.  To illustrate the key

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The 4 W’s of Content Marketing

WHY content marketing?   First, what is content marketing? It is creating content like videos and blog posts that show off your expertise and is interesting to your audience.  It is meant to convert strangers into

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How to Write… Period

That title sounds like a know-it-all person who has published great literary works must have written this blog post.  Well… not exactly.  I barely even consider myself a writer, and yet I’ve been writing practically

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Free Stock Photo Sources

Have you ever been working on something that you thought would be enhanced by a photo, so you searched Google and found something perfect… copy/paste… and, you’re done?  Come on.  You know you have.  So,

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We are embarking on a new season here at Sparrow and we are excited to share about the exciting season ahead! I am going to take the reigns as the sole owner at Sparrow so

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Email Marketing 101: Where to Start

The question we’re answering today is whether email marketing is still relevant. We live in a time when people are talking about social media advertising, marketing automation, and Artificial Intelligence chat boxes… but email marketing

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