We’ve already discussed in another blog post what a CRM is and how that service would profit your company.  As there are many CRM platforms available, we thought doing some research on the most popular might be helpful. We will see what features they advertise and their core plans (with payment information) so you can assess whether this company is right for your needs.


The interesting thing about Hubspot is that they actually have a completely free version of their service.  Their entire philosophy seems to be that you can try things out for free as long as you like so that you “don’t pay for what you don’t use.”  The free version includes (not all are listed) such features as:

sparrow websites is hubspot right for me 007 | Sparrow Websites
  • Integration of Gmail and Outlook
  • Integration of App Marketplace
  • Custom support form fields
  • Ad management
  • Conversations inbox
  • Email tracking & notifications
  • Email templates
  • Scheduling
  • Team email
  • Mobile optimization

As you use Hubspot, you’ll be able to see where the holes are in your services, and then look at their paid plans to see which features match the ones you require.


Make sure you look at Hubspot’s website to see all the guidelines and requirements for signing up with a payment plan.  They have a FAQ section and will explain whether you pay monthly or yearly and all the other relevant things.  The following is just a basic outline of their three payment plans including prices (as of 11-13-20).

Hubspot’s starter plan begins at $40/month and includes the following (not a detailed list):

sparrow websites is hubspot right for me 002 | Sparrow Websites
  • Features to capture and convert leads
  • Information to understand your leads
  • Email marketing and ad retargeting

Their median-priced plan (professional) is $800/month and it includes everything from the starter plan as well as the following:

sparrow websites is hubspot right for me 003 | Sparrow Websites
  • Marketing automation and reports
  • Social media recommendations and optimization
  • Video hosting and management
  • Analytics and reports for websites and campaigns

The last plan Hubspot offers is their Enterprise plan at $3,200/month which includes everything from their first two plans as well as the following:

sparrow websites is hubspot right for me 005 | Sparrow Websites
sparrow websites is hubspot right for me 004 | Sparrow Websites
Enterprise plan on Hubspot
  • Tools for managing your teams & brands
  • Extending the platform
  • Revenue analyzation

With all this information, make sure you go back to the assessment questions we listed out in a recent blog post as well as to Hubspot directly research whether this platform is the right choice for your business.


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