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Talking with Jeff Mendelson on the OneBigTip Podcast was a cool opportunity to share some of the secret-sauce tricks we use at Sparrow for automation… but now they are not a secret.

We believe intentional automation is the secret to efficiency. (Yes, we also think it’s effective, for those who have read What’s Best Next – we believe effectiveness is as important as efficiency.)

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Here’s the key – be personal in your automation. Don’t send an autoreply that tries to sound non-automated… so your post-submit email response form should say “Thanks (FRANK) for signing up! How did this get to you so fast? Easy… it’s automated! Justin made it happen like this so he didn’t miss getting right back to you – because we all know what HE means when he says it will take “just 5 more minutes.” So, this is Justin’s best way to say THANKS right away… so, here it comes… ready? THANKS! The next email will come from him for real. Sincerely – Justin’s Best Automated Answer To Prayer”

Ok, maybe that’s over the top, but we share a bunch of tips and reasons why you should automate some of your processes on our chat with Jeff.

Tune in!

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