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Deluxe Launch Kit

Meet Arlyn and MAtthew

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Arlyn and Matthew needed a website built that was easy to manage and update.

They are brothers and co-owners of Aquanology, a water treatment company that services upstate New York and the surrounding areas. One of Sparrow’s design partners introduced these established businessmen to us because, while they did have a website at the time, they were having difficulty putting landing pages together and getting leads to convert to foot traffic and faithful customers. It was clear that they needed something easier to manage for their business to continue thriving. So, they were on the hunt for something better. 

Arlyn and Matthew needed a website where coding knowledge wasn’t required in order to edit and update their content.

Sparrow built their website in an easy to use and learn editor called Elementor. This meant that small text changes were simple and fast to make.

They wanted a mobile-friendly website that would be simple for their customers to use as well as be able to distinguish themselves from their local competitors. Their expertise in both technology and installation as well as extreme attention to service detail were some of the highlighted characteristics from their customers. 

Arlyn and Matthew knew their business was more than just services rendered. They wanted a website that helped educate homeowners and commercial businesses alike.

This education would address the known issues that New York water quality brings, such as failed health (for homeowners) or failed equipment, due to rust, buildup or corrosion (for commercial clients). 

Live Strategy Call

Austin and Matthew Scheduled a strategy call, where they formulated a WEbsite plan with sparrow that would meet the specific needs of thier water purification business.

Day 1: Part 1
Crafting The Plan

Arlyn and Matthew contacted Sparrow about their options. During the first conversations as Sparrow’s new clients, they shared their insecurity regarding performing their own web-editing and writing. Part of the reason they chose the Deluxe Launch Kit was to save them from having to perform that work for themselves. It was a much better fit.

Running a business was more than a full time job for Arlyn and Matthew. They chose the Deluxe Launch Kit to avoid adding extra work to build their website.

When they reached out, Sparrow took them through a live demo and strategy call where they were shown different examples of home service websites that might work for them. The discussion centered around best practices related to strong conversion and reputation-building features that Sparrow offers in their launch kits. 

PDF Downloadable = More Leads

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Sparrow designed a high quality lead magnet downloadable that significantly increases Aquanology’s lead retention while also educating customers.

The exciting part about helping Aquanology launch a website that would drastically increase their leads and educate their customers is that most design agencies will charge up to $3,000 for just the digital e-book. With Sparrow’s Deluxe Launch Kit, Arlyn and Matthew got a beautiful website and an e-book all for our $1,500 design and setup fee. We are twice as effective at half the cost. 

as part of a deluxe launch kit, Sparrow creates a custom PDF downloadable lead magnet

These lead magnets significantly increase lead retention while also increasing brand awareness.

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Day 1: Part 2
Topics Of Discussion

1. Customer Behavior

During the interview, Sparrow covered several key areas: We discussed Aquanology’s desired customer and also the desired behavior of that customer. It turns out Arlyn and Matthew were seeking both homeowners as well as commercial establishments as ideal customers. Each type, however, requires different things from Aquanology’s services, but they were confident their work could both educate and solve the needs of both.

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2. Local Competition

Sparrow analyzed Aquanology’s local competition and reviewed all the negative experiences that people left as feedback in order to set them apart from the rest based on how Arlyn and Matthew serve their customers with excellence.

3. Brand Discussion

Through the interview process, Arlyn and Matthew shared what they liked about their existing website (in looks and feel), so Sparrow took that information and elevated it to the next level. They now have clean lines, bold headlines with beautiful, fresh-water backdrops and clear pathways to direct customer’s eyes to the different services (residential, commercial, or agriculture).

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Sparrow designed a color palete that supported Aquanologies existing branding.

4. Style Guide

Sparrow used their existing logo and designed it based on high-converting websites and best practices in terms of button placement, call to action, soft conversion elements (free digital download book).

Sparrow used well known and tested design methods to create a simple, highly converting website

Sparrow used elements like high contrast calls to action and simple, actionable headlines to boost the conversion rate of Aquanology's website.

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Day 2:
Honing In Content

Once we had established the visual elements (colors, logo, fonts, visual inspiration) from the first phone interview, the next step in a Deluxe Launch Kit process is to set up an hour-long content call.  Arlyn and Matthew went over the unique features of their individual services. 

Sparrow took that information and wrote helpful, accurate, SEO-friendly content proven to:

Compel visitors to action

Reflect Aquanology's expertise

Emphasize their attentiveness to others needs

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Sparrow also analyzed keyword searches, to create strong SEO friendly content.

Live website review

Sparrow scheduled a meeting with Austin before launching that allowed austin to voice his changes in real time. No email Tag needed!

Days 3-10:
Website Design and review

After collecting all the information we needed from day one and two, Sparrow wrote the content, reviewed it with Arlyn and Matthew, and designed the website according to all the specifications, incorporating the old and new together. 

They got to review the website through a special link and proceeded to give us feedback in three main areas:

Website Text

Image Choices

Colors and Fonts

They gave us feedback on a few things we could do to spruce up the text that would better align with how they actually talk to their clients. Sparrow made the final revisions and went live with the website!

Immediately after going live, Sparrow set up a Google My Business profile for them, optimized it, and gave them access to our Digital Marketing Boot Camp so they could continue to grow their organic presence.

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Aquanology gained 14 reviews within the first two months of their new site being live.

We also gave them detailed training videos on such topics as how to post a blog, picking good blog topics, how to use tools like Answer the Public, and — the biggest reason for the Deluxe Launch Kit — show them how easy it is to update the back of their website with all the tools we provide. 

Starting at $50 to setup – wait till you read about this:

Launch Kits

Don’t need a full website yet? Or, need someone to do the heavy lifting so you can do the fun stuff? Get a launch kit website with all the power of a full site (blog, forms, service pages and more!), custom domain, and 10 Week Digital Marketing Boot Camp!