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DIY Launch Kit

Meet Anders

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Anders is an Army veteran who decided to pursue his dream of being self-employed in the middle of a pandemic (best time ever, right?). He joined forces with his best friend and chose to start a business that serves his local community in San Diego county by removing junk and trash from local residents and commercial properties.

Anders had the drive to build a website, he just needed some guidance and technical know-how

Sparrow suggested the DIY Launch kit, where we do all of the technical work in building a healthy site, and you do the work to build your vision into a website with the assistance of our training library. 

Anders heard about Sparrow Websites through the Sweaty Startup podcast and heard about a DIY Launch Kit option where he could design and build a website and still have all the experts guiding and counseling him along the way. Sparrow would take charge by:

Website Template

Selecting and customizing a smart design template that was effective, fast, and easy to update


Give advice in picking the right domain for his business

Hosting and Setup

Setting up a staging server for the website

Keyword Research

Searching trends in his industry to use the right language on his site.

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Sparrow analyzed search trend data in San Diego and determined Junk Removal would be the best keyword for Anders


Selecting and customizing a smart design template that was effective, fast, and easy to update


Setting up and integrating an email for communicating with his clients in a professional manner


Setting up and optimizing his local Google My Business profile so he could collect reviews on his service

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Anders picked and Sparrow did all the rest!

Anders knew he wasn’t knowledgeable enough to do all of these things himself, and he didn’t want to just pick some random template online because of the risk that his business might suffer if it wasn’t effectively converting people into leads pointing them to his website. So, he decided to pursue his options by scheduling a meeting with Sparrow Websites.

Training Videos

“I came in with no experience using WordPress, Elementor, or even really understanding how to build a website, and the guided video made clear exactly how the basic functionality works.”


The First Conversation

Sparrow first talked with Anders and outlined the differences between the Basic Launch Kit and the DIY Launch Kit so he could decide what kind of role he wanted to play in building it. Anders, like most entrepreneurs, is a true “do-it-yourself-er” and wants to understand the process as well as deliver a great product. He wanted to be able to edit, update, and continue to build out his website easily on his own.

With that in mind, it made sense for him to have Sparrow set up all the behind-the-scenes complicated technical stuff and simply provide the tools for him to do the work of picking, building, and designing out the right template while coaching him on the marketing strategy involved in choosing domain names and the importance of vocabulary in his industry.

This allowed Anders to use his own words and images while putting in the work to build a unique and personal website.

DIY Launch kits are perfect for the go-getter who wants to Know the ins and outs of how thier website works.

Sparrow provides you with all of the tools you need to build your own website. If you ever get stuck, we're here to help.


24 Hours LAter

After the phone call, Sparrow:

  1. Selected a domain (, 
  2. Set up a secure server for his website, 
  3. Connected a personalized email (not just a free Gmail account), and 
  4. Set up a Google voice number so he wouldn’t have to publish his personal cell phone number for business calls.

So within one day, Anders’ domain was live and secure with a COMING SOON landing page to legitimize his business to his potential clients and also started the Google My Business verification process which Sparrow followed through to the end.

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Sparrow provides an easy to follow training video library, so you can edit your site easily and effectively.

Even though Anders didn’t have a logo when he started this process (which isn’t necessary with a DIY kit… it’s easily added later) or even all of his services planned and written out, he was able to select a template for his website and learned how to install the template, customize the text and images for his services and even how to add the pages to his website when he was ready all from watching Sparrow’s tutorial videos.

Sparrow used well known and tested design methods to create a simple, highly converting Template

Sparrow used elements like high contrast calls to action and simple, actionable headlines to boost the conversion rate of Anders' website.

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7 Days Later

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Sparrow recieved an email from Anders telling us how his investment of around 50 hours spent playing around on the website and watching Sparrow’s Digital Bootcamp videos got him a nearly finished website. 

“As long as the user is motivated and willing to dedicate several hours of time to learning, I think most people are perfectly capable of creating a really nice website using the Launch Kit.”


Sparrow’s training library made it easy for Anders to: 




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Anders was able to see the changes he made to his website in real time.

Sparrow took a final peek to make sure everything looked great on computer, tablet and mobile views. We made sure:

  • All his forms were connected to the email
  • All the images were the right size for quick load time
  • The mobile styling was smart and conversion-friendly
  • The website was fully populated and responsive for visitors to begin browsing
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Elementor, the editor Sparrow sets up on every website takes all of the guess work out of designing a mobile friendly website.

Ready to Launch

Through anders' hard work, he was able to launch his website in
just 7 days. Read more to see anders success story.

3 Months Later

Anders has joined us for our weekly strategy sessions (to which all launch kit customers have access) and even finalized a logo which he designed online and has updated his website. He started working through our 10-week Digital Marketing Bootcamp which has taught him how to optimize his business listings across the web and, more importantly, begin to actively grow his review profile online.

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You’ll now find Anders through a simple Google search which shows over 110 five-star google reviews, being fully ranked for both his name search and service-related search terms for San Diego, CA.

He is happily fulfilling his dream of starting his own business and building relationships by serving his community.

“The launch kit definitely helped lessen the learning curve by a huge degree. Can’t recommend it enough.
- Anders

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