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Our Process

Just because it's strategic, doesn't mean it has to be complicated.​

After we give you a custom quote for your project, we guide you through step-by-step and the end result will be a website you can be proud of, and your competition will wish they had.

Step One | Strategy


Our first phase of the project involves getting to know you, your customers, and carving out your position in the marketplace. The result of this first step is that your brand is not only going to be stunning and amazing online, but smart and compelling to the right audience.

In this phase we:
  • Map out a user flow for your website.
  • Compile data on the most commonly used search terms for your industry.
  • Evaluate industry trends.
  • Design wireframes (blueprints) of the pages that will convert the highest number of visitors.

Step Two | Creative


Our second phase of the project involves creating the right words, images, and designs that will lead to a beautiful, compelling online presence.

In this phase we:
  • Write page content and headlines.
  • Gather and optimize photos.
  • Design unique, brand-aligned graphics.
  • Create page layouts.

Step Three | Build


Our third phase involves taking the creative and strategic decisions from the earlier phases and implementing them on a high-speed, mobile-friendly platform in such a way that will be loved by Google and your customers.

In this phase we:
  • Set up a content management platform for your website.
  • Build your website including all custom coding.
  • Optimize the website for search engines.
  • Implement Google Analytics and user behavior tracking.
  • Set up your email automation system.

Step Four | Launch


In our final phase, we celebrate the launch of the new digital face of your business, and we make sure that everyone knows that you have an amazing new website.

In this phase we:
  • Establish business listings to make it easier for customers to find you on search engines.
  • Train your team on the website platform.
  • Go live with your new site!