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Don’t forget the bootcamp and strategy calls each week included in your existing $50/mo service fee.

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$50/mo Analytics

OPTION 1: MONTHLY ANALYTICS EMAIL. +$50/mo extra will get you an emailed report from us about how your site is doing, analytics on keywords, opportunities to grow... and you can then easily know your numbers and ask us to change X or Y accordingly on the site!

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$99/mo GMB POSTS+

OPTION 2: WEEKLY GMB POSTS + ANALYTICS. +$99/mo extra will get you #1 plus WEEKLY Google My Business posts about your services, specials, and management of your reviews!

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$250/mo SEO BLOGS+

OPTION 3: BOOM SHAKALAKA VALUE. +$250/mo extra will get you #1, #2, and a localized SEO blog or Case Study Blog every other month. From scratch. Aligned with keywords. Loaded and indexed on your site and with Google.