We are all different yet united by our passion to help launch entrepreneurs online.

The Sparrow Team

Our team is made up of local individuals right here in Central PA with a passion to help others, a desire to learn and grow better everyday, and a common goal of being the best at what we do. 

We know we aren’t the right fit for every small business or entrepreneur to reach their goal, and we are okay with that. We know what we do well and are determined to do it best – so you can do what you were made to do as well!


Meet Justin | Owner, Website Designer

Justin is the owner and lead creative at Sparrow. 

He’ll be the first to tell you that all he has needed to know, he learned from people smarter, better, and further ahead in life than himself. He has a passion to help small businesses and entrepreneurs when the odds are stacked against them – because he knows impossible odds too.

nick chmela

Meet Nick | User Experience Developer

Before becoming a User Experience Web Developer, Nick spent eight years in the entertainment industry touring the world with headline bands. His passion is for excellence and a great “user experience” – whether you are in the crowd at a concert or on a website looking for services.

sally ricker

Meet Sally | Support Specialist, Writer

Sally is mentioned all the time in our reviews online – why? Because she is so helpful, resourceful, joyful, and full of great tips and wisdom when it comes to helping people launch and grow online.


Meet Lindsay | Website Designer

Lindsay has a keen eye for detail and flexes that strength in her website design thanks to her background in graphic design. From beautiful visuals to translating brand visions through fonts, colors, and design elements, she is key to helping small businesses find their voice and connect with audiences online.