Meet Elsie


Elsie Compton

It’s not often you meet someone who is as passionate about code and website development, as they are about beautiful design and graphic layouts.

Meet Elsie.

She is that person.

Elsie loves to design compelling graphics and designs, but is a master of all things nerdy and code-related. Her experiences working for large, national companies has given her a broad awareness and understanding of the digital marketplace and allows her to bring new perspectives on local, small business websites. After she eats [code] for breakfast, she follow it with a glass of [design] . Okay, not really - but she is constantly following the latest design trends and studying the highest converting campaigns, and on top of the best practices in back-end development.


1 - child
Lititz, PA - hometown
Eagles - favorite sports team
David Gray - favorite singer/songwriter

Community Connections: Ryan Brubaker Foundation

Causes I am passionate about

  • Children’s Rights

  • Cancer Research