Meet Justin

 Justin Rule - Branding Creative / Co-Founder

Justin Rule - Branding Creative / Co-Founder

Justin Rule

Justin’s passion is to see potential become reality. He thrives on bringing to life the dreams and visions of entrepreneurs and businesses, especially when the odds against them seem impossible.

Justin knows impossible odds.

He was born 3.5 months early, weighed 2lbs 4oz, and was diagnosed as being deaf with cerebral palsy… but God had other plans and he was miraculously healed of both deafness and CP.

Since then, Justin has had the privilege of developing his passion to help launch, develop and brand businesses both locally and internationally. Having been in the field for more than a decade, he has been the creative director for mom-n-pop businesses as well as multi-million dollar companies.


5 – number of children
Buckeyes – favorite college team
Columbus, OH – hometown
Calvin Coolidge – historic person of interest

Community Connections: Co-Founder of Coolidge Academy, Founder of Heads Up (501c3) and Broken Free (Christian Ministry)