Nick Chmela

User Experience Developer

nick chmela

Meet Nick

Before becoming a Web Developer, Nick spent eight years in the entertainment industry as an Audio Engineer. He worked from the ground up – from local venues to international tours like Sting and Bon Jovi – collaborating with crewmates and troubleshooting obstacles to make every show go on. 

As someone who loves solving problems, Web Development was a natural transition after COVID-19 ground the touring industry to a standstill. Not one to sit on his heels, he began to teach himself coding basics, progressing from an internship as a Junior Developer with a startup to developing websites with Sparrow.

Nick will be the first person to admit when he doesn’t know something, but there’s no one who will work harder to figure it out. He knows that the right solution isn’t always the easiest, and believes that obstacles exist to help us grow.

(Oh yeah – his short copy skills have ninja-sauce on them… wait till you experience them on your website.)