Sally Ricker

Meet Sally

Sally’s passion is uncovering the untold truths that make people and businesses unique. She loves to use words to transform stories and bring them to life, while keeping the focus on what’s most important: the people.


Sally’s love for people has always been her driving force. After performing a Strength Finder Assessment 5 years ago, her eyes were opened to her leading strength of empathy which allows her to see people and businesses from a special perspective. Working initially as a freelancer allowed Sally to work with an array of individuals and businesses, all with diverse experiences, demographics and in many industries. She comes to Sparrow with a passion to help people tell their stories online and to manage the process as they launch their digital brand.


Sally’s background in public relations marries her love for people and zest for storytelling. It allows for her to bring a new outlook to digital branding. 

Recent Case Studies

financial futures.

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the roof.