Ugly website makeover... is new!

It's our 4th year - so we are doing something a little different.
We are giving away a FREE LAUNCH KIT and plenty of extras to an entrepreneur without a website.


Because of the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses and entrepreneurs – this year we are ALLOWING you to nominate an entrepreneur who owns a small business and has been impacted by the pandemic and could be greatly helped by an improved website.

This year, we will be selecting a nonprofit AND a small business to redesign their ugly website in our makeover contest!

Last year's winners:

Mt. Bethel Cemetery
sparrow reviews 1 | Sparrow Websites
Increase Youth Ministry
sparrow ugly makeover 013 | Sparrow Websites
sparrow reviews 2 | Sparrow Websites

The drawing deets:


We will do a FB live drawing at 4pm on the EVE OF CHRISTMAS EVE! (That is 12/23 at 1600 EST)

We may toss in some extra last-minute prizes, so vote, tag, and post away!

Remember, your vote below counts as 1 ticket. If you post an ugly sweater photo on FB and tag us (@sparrowwebsites), you get 5 EXTRA votes!

For example, Mr. Elf votes for Water For Reindeer = 1 ticket. Mr. Elf posts photo in an ugly Christmas sweater and tags @sparrowwebsites = Water For Reindeer gets 5 extra tickets, bringing their total to 6. If Mr. Elf’s friends vote below and do the same, Water For Reindeer is rockin’ the votes!

The drawing pool keeps getting bigger each year – so we will probably use a random number generator to decide the winner… but let’s see. The good ol’ Santa hat “mix, shake, draw” may not work this year.


Yes! (Ex: Rudolph can nominate Prancer Care and Water For Elves…)

No. Just one nomination per person per nonprofit or entrepreneur. (Ex: Rudolph can nominate Prancer Care and also Water For Elves… but he can’t nominate Water For Elves more than once. Take it easy, Rudolph.)

Yes! That’s why we suggest a fan-party where everyone gatherings, posts, and gets a huge boost for your nonprofit! (If “Sue” posts multiple photos, it only counts once (5x) for each nonprofit she nominated. So if Sue nominated multiple nonprofits, she can post one new photo for each nonprofit.)

The website project is valued at $6,500. 

Last year's winner...

Nominate an #UglyWebsiteMakeover!

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After you nominate - share the contest! Just save-as and post this image and tag us!
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Live drawing is on 12/23 at 4pm EST