Video Samples

Various projects with unique purposes and budgets.

Primitive Threads

“Virtual Tour"

Note from the Director:

This is one of my favorite videos. I love the quick pace and awesome closeups of the products in the store. It was a lot of fun to work with Primitive.

Nookside Stables:

Experience Nookside

Note from the Director:

Working with Nookside was a joy. It was really cool to be on location and capture some beautiful landscapes and horses.



Josephine’s Pantry:

“Behind the Name - Josephine's Pantry”

Note from the Director:

I spent a long time getting this video right… and it was well worth it. I love capturing stories and using the narrative to drive the video. This video was a great combination of shooting on location while Gerry did his thing and shooting in the studio.

We were able to use this video to fund a successful kickstarter campaign, and now it lives on Josephine’s Pantry’s website.

Free Range Feeder:

“Chicken's deserve better”

Note from the Director:

Chickens everywhere!! The Free range chicken feeder is an amazing invention, and I was challenged to capture the intricacies of the problem, the complexity of the invention, and to convey how Park planned to fix it.

This was another great on-location shoot.



Columbia Public Library

“A New World Awaits”

Note from the Director:

It was a honor to be a part of the Columbia Public Library Video. The way the interviews weaved together formed a piece that really honors the past and looks forward to the future.

If you are in the Columbia area, go check out the finished library!

Kingsway Realty:

“Whos Kingsway?”

Note from the Director:

Kingsway was a great client to work with. This was a fairly standard video sharing who they are.

This was shot on-location, as well.



Lancaster Moravian Church:

“Who We are”

Note from the Director:

This was a great video for Lancaster Moravian Church. This Who We Are video captured personal interviews on-location and utilized fun b-roll. It was an honor to learn more about the Moravian history and be a part of their service.

Hocke Optical:

“Making a Lens”

Note from the Director:

I love the story told in this video. It’s really a story that most people don’t get to see. Jeff is a master at his craft, and it was fun to see him in his element.

Side note: This video and additional photos were captured completely impromptu.



Hocke Optical:

“Virtual Store Tour”

Note from the Director:

This is another video for Hocke Optical. I really enjoyed shooting in their store. There were so many vibrant colors and interesting angles to work with. I love the classic and modern fusion brought to life in the store and in the video.



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