The Sparrow Process

based on industry-specific research, scientific by design, simple to understand.


Research + Discovery + Planning

The purpose of Strategy Phase is to do research, discovery, and planning. We conduct industry-specific, audience, and keyword research to help inform our process. In order to gain a deep understanding of your brand, your position in the marketplace, and the psychographics and demographics of your existing audience, we go through a discovery process with you. And from that, we plan a strategy for your brand.


Written + Visual + GRAPHIC

Based on the strategy for your brand, we then work together to create the content necessary for your success. There are written elements (copy for the website) and visual elements (logo, photos, video etc) that need to be in place before we begin the design and build process. Then we establish brand guidelines to help inform all future brand messaging.

Design + Build

digital face of your brand

The exciting result of the process is a digital brand presence that reflects your personality, proves your services, is persuasive to your target audience, and present in all the right places. It includes owned brand content (like a fast, mobile-friendly website), and establishing a consistent brand message on other platforms (social, business listings etc).

And you own every pixel.

Reputation + Engagement

Phase 2

Launching your brand and maintaining your brand are two different things.

We wanted to help small business owners have cost-effective solutions to manage their brand and engage with their audience. So, we developed systems and hired staff who enable us to help you manage your reputation online, stay connected on social, use email wisely, and maintain and continually improve your website as we monitor and watch users engage with your website. With each successive insight, you can tweak your digital brand to better serve your customers.

The best part is that if you want us to do it, or if you simply want us to guide you as you do it, we have a solution for both!


Oh, we forgot to mention

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Walk away after any Phase if you are not completely satisfied. You own everything.*

*No fine print or sneaky catch.